CRX Partners provides strategic and business development consulting for media technology companies.  Partners Roland MacBeth and Courtney Spencer have held senior executive positions with major consumer electronics and pro audio companies, played key roles in a diverse range of M&A initiatives, and consulted for some of the best-known companies in the electronics business.


CRX Partners provides assistance with a wide range of business development challenges.  Our engagements span a number of disciplines including technology licensing and promotion, distribution, sales force and sales channel development, and strategic marketing, among others.  Our current clients include technology licensors, branded and OEM/ODM manufacturers, distributors and others.


in collaboration with our investment banking partners at MediaBridge Capital Advisors, CRX works with companies interested in buy-side and/or sell-side strategic transactions.  Our comprehensive industry network allows us to facilitate connections with companies that have complementary strategies and objectives.


We are also active in contract management, using our industry experience and knowledge to help companies handle projects that require bandwidth and/or expertise beyond the capacity of their current team, or to help with transitional or time-limited tasks.